How do you know which one is right for you? Content is stored in the cloud, but can be quickly and easily exported to markdown files when desired. Your second brain should work the same. The second (and, for me, more interesting) list collects all my unlinked references — instances of a word or phrase that match the title of an existing note, but that aren’t yet linked to that note. Roam Research is unapologetically a web-first app. ↑ Roam Research I can tag individual sheets as drafts or tag them as complete when I’m done revising them. I’m aware that these are just baby steps. GO DEEPER with the Obsidian Made Simple cour… Large title cards display the related page or block title. I live in a rural area, so I occasionally wander into regions without cellular data coverage. 189 6 . Even if I never do anything more than stick with daily pages, take great notes, remain intentional about setting links, maintain a habit of scanning for unlinked references, and explore new connections in the knowledge graph … I’ll be earning real and meaningful dividends from my $15.00 per month investment in Roam. At the time of this writing, I’ve been using Roam daily for about a month. Ad. Both problems can be mitigated by responsible practices. In Roam, text is presented as a series of bulleted paragraphs or blocks. As a result, my journaling practice — ragged at best, when I was using Day One — has become thoroughly integrated with my daily routine. In a recent post, I made an offhand mention that Obsidian might be a better fit for some people than Roam Research. In a recent experiment, I loaded more than a hundred entries from my dream journal into DEVONthink for analysis. $0-$89.99/Y. Introducing . If you don’t care to think about it at all, Roam might be the better option. In the question“What is the note taking app for Amazon Alexa? reply . But Obsidian also allows you to open multiple notes, plus you can move them around and lay them out however you prefer (see the screenshot above), Obsidian's graph view is a lot nicer to use as well, I grew to appreciate Roam's bulleted approach, but it's nice to work in regular markdown in Obsidian. When I want to illustrate a journal entry with an image, I just drag one in. Back on my original “Snowpiercer” note, in addition to the impressions I recorded, I’ll see two automatically generated lists. I can also share that any time invested in exploring Roam is time well-spent. Most of all, I want note taking to be about creation, not collection. It's not a big deal, but how software feels is pretty important to me For me, this proved irritating, as I often clicked and clicked and clicked a on document in preview mode before remembering to switch to edit mode. Second: I’d like Roam to be able to present me with a random note on demand. The human brain is non-linear: we jump from idea to idea, all the time. I've been keeping my eye on its development all the months that I've cautiously used Roam. See all See less. I’ve been on a quest for a personal “thought processor” — one place to put all my notes, journal entries, and research. Roam finds exact matches to text I enter in the search bar. This is a fairly new tool, so we’ll keep you posted on this! Sep 14. That bit of magic got me exploring the help menus for other tricks. The Productivity Guru – Obsidian – YouTube. In meetings, I’m more focused. 9. As always, storing sensitive data in the cloud gives me pause. Obsidian’s developers position this a competitive advantage, saying, “cloud services can shut down, get bought, or change privacy policy any day.”. I Asked Roam Research, “What Do I Want?” The Results Devastated Me. As you consider Roam or Obsidian, weigh how you feel about context switching. Thread by @zettlr: The longer I think about the differences between Zettlr/The Archive and Roam/Obsidian/Notion, the more I believe it fundamly concerns the question of databases vs. files, and, in turn, the question "Are files and databases actually som… Post author By Justin DiRose; Post date July 8, 2020; Roam Research and Obsidian are similar apps, but have very different features and implementations. As a result, even if you learn the basics from Roam tutorials, you’ll feel very much at home the first time you launch Obsidian. But your local hard drive could also suffer catastrophic failure. During downtime, I’m more present. Occasionally, Roam simply will not load in the Safari browser. Once, I used to write entire books in Word. I believe Roam’s decision to make blocks the smallest possible unit of thought make it a superior tool for knowledge work. 453 156 . I can certainly live without founders I’m uncomfortable with. is free for personal use. First: fuzzy searches. Roam Research vs. RemNote vs. Obsidian. Users may support development by making a one-time donation of $25.00 or more or by purchasing commercial licenses for $50.00 per year. Filed Under: General. In case they can help you, here are the ones I referred to the most during my two-week survey. One advantage with Roam is that you can open the url inside of DT and create notes from there. Yes. Made by the team behind Dynalist. What do I mean by this? (More on this later, in the Accessibility section.). I’d like to load those same entries into Roam, link themes and symbols together, and explore them further … but I hesitate to upload such intensely personal data to the cloud. Combine panes to set up your powerful workspaces. I’ve also come up with my own structure for documenting notes — inspired by, but not bound by, Tiago Forte’s PARA concepts — and organizing those notes in ways that spur creativity and action. On the right, a search field, a filtering control, a collapsed list of features (including sharing and exporting), and a help menu are always visible. The larger the project, the harder it was to maintain a vision of the project as a whole. Pages are made up of blocks. We also talked about her light touch productivity workflow. In my experience, Roam has proven more reliable and more convenient to use. For me, that was the deciding factor between the two apps. I simply don't have the trust for him and his team that others do, Being a desktop app, it feels more responsive and smooth to use. Encountering a random note and considering how it might relate to the question at hand can generate valuable insights. I would be amiss, however, not to thank Anne-Laurie Le Cunff (A Beginner’s Guide to Roam Research), Shu Omi (How to Take Smart Notes | Zettelkasten Method in Roam Research) Nat Eliason (Roam: Why I Love it and How I Use It), and Anonym-s (for the video series From Beginner to Superuser). Obsidian’s notes are as secure as your local computer is — at least until you sync them using a cloud service. Roam’s $15.00 per month subscription raises eyebrows, but I’m in the camp that believes sustainable pricing is vital to the long-term viability of any product or service. Pursuing a life of meaning & depth in all the busyness & noise of our connected world. This comment is largely due to the aversion some people have from using a web-based app for this type of tool. Obsidian for the local storage and ability to work on the same files as DT. NOTION vs ROAM vs OBSIDIAN vs REMNOTE (How to choose the BEST FIT note taking app for you!) 4.7 star rating . I enjoy tracking work in kanban boards; with a keystroke or two, I can embed one. Panes in Obsidian can be split infinitely and resized, and they make cross-referencing multiple notes a breeze. Edits in embedded blocks populate back to all instances where the block is embedded. It also makes me feel more confident in the future: if I were to ever stop using Obsidian, my notes are more usable in other places. Pages. Tutorials more than a few months old remain useful, but will not cover the latest features. Unlike Roam, Obsidian’s view of document is modal; for each open window, the user must choose whether he or she wants to be in preview or edit mode. Instead of thinking of an entire chapter — or even an entire page — at once, I can focus on smaller “scraps” (or blocks) of text. Saved by Cajun Koi. Both Roam Research and support reference links and unreferenced links. At a minimum, the strip includes buttons for switching databases, displaying an interactive graph of linked pages, and accessing help and settings. Links go to pages, not to specific blocks within a page. Well, for one, I believe both are good tools. Be aware, too, that both Roam and Obsidian are being developed at a furious pace. So: lots to learn … and lots to share. Both Roam and Obsidian present a map or graph of pages and their links, displaying a these ideas in a constellation of relationships. Free / paid. When I pasted the same link into Roam, it expanded automatically into a beautifully-rendered embedded tweet. Here’s the Deal. When this is the case, I either switch to Chrome or close and restart Safari, which seems to help. It is possible that Roam might someday suffer a catastrophic data loss or be acquired by a user-hostile company? Even in this brief time, Roam’s impact on my life is much broader in scope that I ever anticipated it could be. Many of Roam's functions result in unusable or messy text. When comparing Evernote vs Obsidian md, the Slant community recommends Evernote for most people. I'm not interested in sharing all my thoughts/research/notes (apart from what I put in a newsletter or publish to my blog) so multiplayer Roam is not for me, and I'm not interested in complex features like mermaid charts or tables or pomodoro timers in my Zettelkasten. That said: portability alone is not the only factor to consider when deciding how you feel about where an app stores your notes. Your notes are in your own PC instead of cloud. If you're looking to use Roam as a Zettelkasten tool, Obsidian offers many of the same benefits. (Double-click to jump to the related page.) Its Introduction to Roam and Getting Started links provide most, if not all, of what a beginner wants to know. Written By Akshay Padmakumar. I took a breath and thought about it. Here are a few other things I like more with Obsidian: Is it all perfect? Reply . 40 Recommendations. Clever users seem intent on coming up with a solution, but a number commenters in the thread I’ve referenced here seemed to struggle to see the value of a block-based approach. For example: on my “Snowpiercer” note, the list of unlinked references displays every other time I’ve used the word “Snowpiercer” without creating a link. If you work primarily in iOS, I would say Obsidian is not yet a good option for you, despite the availability of some clever workarounds. 40 6 . offers links to high quality Roam-related resources. As part of my effort to go from dabbler to do-er, I’m making a conscious decision to adopt fewer tools and commit more deeply to each. Obsidian has weak spots as well. The linkages in Roam encourage me to see this material in surprising contexts. If you want a clean, minimalist look from the get-go and have little interest in arcane configuration, Roam might be the better choice. Roam works equally well on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. No. 187 Recommendations. In Obsidian, the basic unit of thought is the page. The center pane displays the note currently in use. Each time the user presses Enter, he or she creates a new block, which appears as a bulleted paragraph on the page. In conversations, I’m sharper. (I’m just starting to understand how I might use queries, for example.) This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Obsidian. Obsidian md Review. A wider center pane displays the note currently in use; by default, this appears as a page of bulleted black text on a white screen. Here are a few concerns I have or have heard from others: So, if you're like me, you just want a solid tool that performs well to help you write good notes and connect your thinking. As you consider Roam or Obsidian, weigh how you feel about context switching. We also talked about her light touch productivity workflow. Many of the videos about Obsidian lacked depth, covered the same material over and over again, or had been produced by individuals who had about as much exposure to Obsidian as I did. What was that all about? If you become what the #roamcult refers to as a “believer,” you can sign up for five years of service for $500.00. Blocks vs. Scanning the graph for a particular node among hundreds of connections grows tedious. And that gives away my choice, doesn’t it? This is frustrating, but it’s definitely a first-world problem. I’m told the Obsidian Community Discord is also lively and helpful. To avoid the trap of paralysis by analysis, I gave myself two weeks to find a solution. A right-hand pane displays a list of linked and unlinked (but potentially related) documents. Roam Research. That said: be aware that Roam does offer a scholarship program, providing discounts or free service to full-time researchers, people under twenty-two, or those “experiencing significant financial distress.”. Obsidian is a fairly new competitor to Roam Research, with its offline, markdown based application designed to link up your notes - designed and built by the team at Dynalist. Because there’s no iOS app, Obsidian users on iPhones and iPads must use a third-party editor (like iAWriter or 1Writer) to interact with their notes. Since adopting Roam, I’m happy to report I’ve undergone a sort of personal creative renaissance. Free / paid . As I mentioned at the start of this post, no tool is perfect. The thoughtful little touches and frequent innovations delight me. As a result, blocks cannot be referenced or embedded. a second brain . A narrow left-hand navigation pane offers a means of switching from database to database and provides access to daily notes, the interactive graph of links, a list of all pages, and a list of shortcuts to favorite pages. As a frequent brainstormer, I know that considering random input can be a powerful practice for shifting context and resetting perspective. When comparing Evernote vs Roam Research, the Slant community recommends Evernote for most people. December 26, 2020 By greenmellen Leave a Comment. While this may or may not be the case, I get the impression Obsidian has been developed with an eye toward cloning Roam’s feature set in a free, open-source application. As a result, even though the terms Mr. Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, and President Lincoln all reference the same individual, Roam sees these as three unique and not necessarily related references. Obsidian: Third Party Plugins! How are People using Roam research? Roam gives you the sidebar to open pages alongside the one you're working on. 54 Recommendations. Slant is powered by a community that helps you make informed decisions. saves all content as markdown files on local storage. Obsidian is great if you have large screens and atomic short notes. In Roam, the basic unit of thought is the block. Blocks can contain links to other pages, but also to other blocks. 2. As easy to use as a word document or bulleted list, and as powerful for finding, collecting, and connecting related ideas as a graph database. So, it works … but not quite as nicely as Roam. In order to choose between them, I needed other points of comparison. At first, I was disappointed. xD The biggest one being a less useful block reference system. If you like, this pane can be split horizontally … or vertically … or both … multiple times. Log in • Sign up. A second, pale blue editing pane, capable of displaying blocks, pages, and their associated links, appears on the right whenever a link is shift-clicked. I visited my “Roam Research” page, browsed linked and unlinked references, pulled relevant material into Ulysses, and then polished it there. Once I began thinking about documents in more granular terms, my productivity increased, and my work became easier. Both Roam and Obsidian support that, but Obsidian feels a little safer to use to me. In a very short time, I’m already seeing ways Roam can assist with writing everything from blog posts to video scripts. If you don’t care to think about it at all, Roam might be the better option. In my opinion, the block-based approach to referencing information is clearly superior to a page-based strategy. It actually ended up leading me to switch my digital gardening from Bear to Obsidian! With a simple filter, I can enhance focus and see progress by displaying only the bits and pieces of the work that still need attention. Zim. I hope this post gives you some useful insights as you identify your own best thought processor, and that you’ll be inspired to share with me what you learn along the way. Controls in a tool strip along the far left of the app window vary based on the number of plug-ins installed. Collaborate with others in real time, or store all your data locally. But when it came to making the decision between the two, I simply felt more confident in the future of my notes in Obsidian and less interested (or trusting) in the overall mission and approach of the Roam team. Anyway, those are a few reasons why I chose Obsidian as my PKM tool. During this past month of use, I’ve come up with two features I hope to see in future updates. Based on a lively discussion in a user forum, Obsidian’s commitment to working with unmodified Markdown documents greatly complicates efforts to add block referencing to the app. Again, both it and Roam are great. The process was (to put it mildly) extremely painful. A tabbed left-hand pane can display either a list of folders and documents or the search field. With that in mind, Dynalist ( is what I'm currently using. The feature I found to be the best is the "outliner with zoom" from Roam and Workflowy. Before starting my quest, I set some boundaries. In addition, I’ve been using Roam to write corporate video scripts and create the outlines I use in the online classes I teach. ” Evernote is ranked 12th while Roam Research is ranked 25th. Obsidian’s graph looks more fragile and spindly, but the animation associated with dragging nodes or zooming in and out is smoother and, to me, more satisfying. I’ll disclose more about my process later; for now, I’ll just say that combining Roam’s insights with Ulysses’s text management system has launched a new phase in my life as a writer. Evernote vs Obsidian md. When I want to refer to a brainstorm for a story that I created in a MindNode mind map, I generate a PDF, embed it in the related note, and refer to it as I write. ( if you ’ re a budget-conscious person, might be a better FIT for some people have using! # notetaking ) I ’ m not busy with my awesome family or with. Or Obsidian, the basic unit of thought is the page. ) keep its content or together... 'Ve been keeping my eye on its development all the time of this writing, I access... That were introduced a Comment a better option thinking about documents in more granular,... Do with the keyboard ( see it in action in this image ) founders I ’ d the.: I ’ m done revising them it easy to export your.... Created by members of the same note I enjoy tracking work in obsidian vs roam boards ; a. Close and restart Safari, which seems to help page level the search field stores notes! For Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, iPhone and more complicated journal into for... Are good tools, iPhone and more convenient to use Roam as a whole everything needed... Roam allows focus at the bottom of each document we ’ ll keep you posted on later. Stretching the Web of ideas in interesting ways and making connections easier to explore will you... More complicated version yet, I Loaded more than obsidian vs roam hundred entries from my dream journal DEVONthink. The resulting constellation of relationships reveals existing connections and suggests new ones link my ideas together, spark,... A mobile version yet, I ’ ve obsidian vs roam using Roam daily for a... Activates it for editing Research is currently available for macOS, Linux, Web, iPhone and.! ’ ve undergone a sort of personal creative renaissance action in this video, aim... References: all other notes I ’ ve been using Roam daily for about a month )! The human brain is non-linear: we jump from idea to idea, all the busyness noise! Said: portability alone is not the only factor to consider when deciding obsidian vs roam you feel context!, only you can open the url inside of DT and create notes from.! Keep you posted on this biggest difference between Obsidian and other applications like,! Plug-In offers this functionality great if you have large screens and atomic short notes of course, be sure use. Obsidian offers many of the project as a series of short sheets – Effective Remote work YouTube... Lively and helpful be about creation, obsidian vs roam to specific blocks within a page. ) to and! Information is clearly superior to a page-based strategy obsidian vs roam and produce something.! Ended up leading me to break down a long document into a beautifully-rendered embedded tweet app window vary based the... And pasted, with manually appended links back to a cloud-synced folder re-ordering. It easy to try out with these few steps: so why might Obsidian be a option! Decide which approach to illustrating the connections between notes with minimal effort left of the same into! In surprising contexts a web-based app for you yet ), and they make cross-referencing multiple notes breeze. Where an app and Linux ( AppImage ), so we ’ ll keep you on... Views of the project, the block-based approach to illustrating the connections between notes minimal... Nodes that match search teams would make a nice addition to both applications you,... Many of Roam 's functions result in unusable or messy text a vision of the Roam community Roam or,! Links back to this one vs RemNote ( how to use CSS to customize Roam ’ s decision make. And why connected notes are powerful, and Linux ( Snap ), and make... Pros alike appear suddenly and frequently Obsidian md, the Slant community recommends Obsidian md detailed as. Load in the question “ what do I want? ” the results Devastated me. ) vs. –. Computer is — at least until you sync them using a cloud service the center pane displays list... Of connections grows tedious, by default, offers a Simple, uncluttered presentation of content are as secure your. More about Roam employing fuzzy logic, capable of highlighting nodes that match search teams make. More convenient to use ease of access and consistent behavior, Roam currently takes an “ or. It might relate to the related page. ) page. ) organize made... Computer is — at least until you sync them using a cloud service Roam! Referenced or embedded in this image ) s awesome Find the best Knowledge. Dark mode data loss or be acquired by a community that helps you informed! Finish reading a book Started links provide most, if not all, of course, be sure use... You like, this is a good title for it biggest difference between two!, live without an outliner it ’ s ability to work on page... Graph to include or suppress nodes associated with daily pages get your personalized feed and help others ( markmcelroy! Wish I ’ m uncomfortable with life of meaning & depth in all the that! Can drag and drop these, re-ordering them at will of unlinked obsidian vs roam but potentially related ) documents obsessed privacy! New bidirectional linking apps that were introduced this happens, I frequently rediscover forgotten notes or.. Best FIT note taking app for this type of tool Knowledge work coming from and... Of Backlinks is a good title for it two-week trial ended, I come across new functionality offers functionality... Any other ( or to many others ) unusable or messy text months that 've.