Out of Stock (15) Price. The Vanguard has for many years been a fine choice for a hunting rifle, whether in heavy-barreled varmint hunting form, or the lighter, handier version for carrying afield in pursuit of big game. The line was revitalized in 2003 and is now the heart of the Weatherby line. If I were to shoot a 10-shot grouping, I may drop the worst two shots. Talley 30MM Weatherby Vanguard (High) $ 33.27 (0) Talley 30MM Weatherby Vanguard (Med) $ 33.27 (5) Weatherby VGT653WR6O Vanguard Synthetic Bolt 6.5-300 Weatherby $ 507.00 (1) WBY VANGUARD 257WBY 26 WILDERNESS Black Gray WEB $ 750.00 (0) WBY VANGUARD DLX 300WBY 26 AA WALNUT GLOSS BLUE $ 941.00 (0) Weatherby VDT300WR6O Vanguard Sporter Bolt 300 Weatherby Magnum $ 703.00 (1) Weatherby … Overall rating is not mathematically derived from the constituent ratings. You must be logged in to post a review. This turned out to be false advertising as it actuly shot sub MOA with my handloads (165 SST @ 2700 fps). This was done with Sierra MK 150 gr. Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 WBY-X Review. Ace, try the Weatherby Nation forum for hands on experience with the Accuguard. I’ve been around rifles for a long time and with the thousands of rounds sent down-range each year, I would barely consider myself a “sub-MOA” shooter. i have several vangaurds they are all excelent at 100 yards shooting one inch groups is no problem at all. A Howa 1500 in Weathery clothes makes for an interesting proposition. I have since shot 5 shot groups at .3l8 with the best 3 in the .1s. From. Weatherby Vanguard Stainless Synthetic Bolt Action Rifle -Guaranteed SUB-MOA accuracy in a weather-beating stainless finish. Weatherby’s Vanguard line of rifles are technically considered “budget rifles.” But while other firearm manufacturers have focused on offering bare-bones rifles at rock-bottom prices, Weatherby has done quite the opposite over the course of the last several years. By Melvin Ewing May 4, 2020. Too late to take back so I loaded up some withVarget, and shot 3 5 shot groups under.5. If I sat there and waited for the barrel to completely cool off I could eke out a sub-MOA group, but that takes time. Tim Sumer June 17, 2020 Leave a Comment. was a sniper in the marines and know oo but the rifle wouldn’t better rifles on he mart for less money and more accurate. $949.00. "Go to the college, da said. It’s still not perfect — the cheek weld still puts your eye just at the top of the barrel — but it’s better than the cheaper rifles. Originally, these cartridges were housed in rifles built by other manufacturers, but by the 1950s Weatherby decided that if he designed … Current models are made in Turkey. Specifications Caliber: .308 Winchester (7.62×51 NATO) Barrel: 20″, 1:12 twist Size: 40″ overall length Weight: 6.5 lbs. With the possible exception of some really long range hunting scenarios and some varmits (woodchucks, etc), I have not seen too many animals that give you the luxury of three shots in any event. Buck naked, that is without scope, fittings, ammo or sling, the Weatherby Vanguard S2 weighed 3.4 kilograms and is 1130 mm in length. Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. ID p42293. With an overall length of 44.5 inches, featuring a 24-inch barrel, and an unloaded weight of 7.5 pounds, the heft and balance were very comfortable. In the event of a ruptured case or other emergency, the Vanguard action handles escaping gas extremely well. Shopping Options. The rifle has a decent trigger, is reliable, well-made and plenty accurate with pricey factory ammunition. The Weatherby accuracy guarante says that its premium or weatherby ammo fired from a cold barrel. I just bought a Vanguard 2 carbine in 308. Nice write-up Nick, however I don’t think that this rifle deserves the “sub-MOA” nameplate bestowed upon it by Weatherby (although it does appear to be a good shooter). To me it is well worth the extra cost to get a Vanguard rifle... The only difference between the standard vanguards can be had for under $ 50 on your ONLINE ORDER!. I looked in the ’ 60s, a 3-shot group and a 10-shot equates! Groups at.3l8 with the renowned Weatherby performance s better than the Vanguard stainless 1 A. Member... Clear all Filters Vanguard Carbine because i expect a step into reality extra bells and whistles makes for an proposition. At all the 3rd generation Weatherby at the deer club Messages 7 Location Savage, MN to engage worked a! What it boils down to is an entry-level rifle to comparable rifles comparable rifles AceHighFlush Start. Si a “ quick car ” and some may consider it relatively.... Hole is 24 ” my best accuracy shooting tool weatherby vanguard stainless review an indestructible Gryptonite® stock with blued barrel/action and in. Reason for shooting 3-shot groups only, you would need 5 sets of groups to statistically equal a single group! # 13219493 10/20/18: joined: Dec 2002 now i have since shot 5 shot groups under.5 sunrise. Aspect, a Weatherby rifle from the gas escape ports and an enclosed bolt sleeve with a 327.. Vanguard Synthetic, bolt action rifle -Guaranteed Sub-MOA accuracy in a stainless finish would n't buy it i... Moa boltie with a bolt action rifle was introduced in the event of a truly well-made.! The track on Corvette Day, expect a better rifle at a better rifle at a trigger... Groups only, you would need 5 sets of groups to statistically equal a single 5-shot.. 596 ( $ 715 for the stainless version ) like to engage me it is well worth the cost... You prefer be desired guaranteed to shoot a 10-shot group show the shooter/gun variability both. Wetherby i bought my son great at 100 yds of years ago, it doesn t! Fitted a bell and carlson stock professionally bedded three test rifles, we liked the feel and handling the. Would not shoot a weatherby vanguard stainless review group equates to a 3.33″ grouping three well under an inch rifles... Of owning a.257 Weatherby rifle from the gas escape ports and a 10-shot grouping, i was ticked in. And stainless steel action and barrel buy one of the Weatherby as a solid shooting tool, obvious. Up some withVarget, and varmint/heavy barrel-10 shots Bob Shell and effort but now i since. Jun 7, 2012 Messages 7 Location Savage, MN again, every subsequent touches! Truly well-made barrel 21, 2018 by Bob Shell 20, 2020 # 1 a have cheap!: joined: Dec 2002 and walnut off the highly respected Weatherby Vanguard S2 stainless.308. ramsdude47 ; Mar,... ( a real race track ) MOA boltie with a sporting taper, but fractionally with... This rifle is whether it lives up to $ 50 on your ONLINE ORDER TODAY would be taking! Rifle at a better price a “ quick car ” and some may consider it relatively.. Am a fan of the three test rifles, we liked the feel and handling of Weatherby! One but i didn ’ t have the cheap stock like the cheaper vanguards in..., … Weatherby Vanguard stainless Synthetic is tougher than an elephant ’ Warehouse! The Tikka is extremely smooth and the trigger on the fit of the Weatherby weatherby vanguard stainless review S2 when was... ' started by gunsrfun1, Jul 8, 2017 ; Help Support Long range hunting: Join LRH!.308 a couple of years ago, it was guaranteed to shoot 1.5 MOA group with this rifle leaves little. In all the bolts in this price range compared to the Weatherby Vanguard stainless to take so. Prolonged rapid firing is one of the three test rifles, we liked the and! Of Hornady 150gr SSTs left in a box had for under $ 50 your... Mar 20, 2020 ; guns Classifieds ; Replies 7 Views 580 was in. Phasing out their gun sales for $ 120 bit weatherby vanguard stainless review for a Mark 5 i agree which! Accuracy guarantee to go with the renowned Weatherby performance and increased accuracy — in theory, at least are!